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#GreenPeace Ship!

I Still Cant Believe i Made it to this Epic Ship!

GreenPeace is One of the Most Visible Environmental Organisations in the World. It's Known for its Direct Actions.

It Focuses on Diverse Worldwide Issues Such as Climate Change, Deforestation, Overfishing, Commercial Whaling and More..

So glad i had the Chance to Visit Green Peace while in Hurghada and Create a Statement Dress Out of Single-Use Plastic Bags, and Other Plastic Waste.

Shedding Light on the Excessive Consumption of Single-Use Plastics & the Amount of Waste Created that Negatively Affects Our Lives!

Also Shedding Light on the Destructive Effect that the Fashion Industry has on the Environment. A Big Issue that Not Many Know of!

This Dress is Called Plasto Bagita! Which comes from Plastic Bags.


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