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The Babylon Gardens

The Wait is Over!

I'm Super Happy to Finally Share this Project With You!

The Babylon Gardens Official Trailer:

Score/Music by : IZ Svemira

Sound Design : Bogdan Braković, Vladimir Racković, Odiseja Studio

DOP : Muhammed Ibrahim

Producer : Youssef Waly

Line Producer : Sara Wael

Focus Pollars : Hagar Elsayed, Zeina Khalil

Costume Designer : Zi -ZedArtCorner-

Assistant Stylist: May Adel

Makeup : Kiki Ismail

Photography : Nelly Elsharkawy

Assistant Producer : Amr Mohamed, Hasan Tarek

Gaffer : Mohamed Disha

Concept : Maryam Youssef, Karim Moussa

Art Director : Ahmed Aref

Art Director/Compositing : Ahmed Hamied

3d Design : Mohamed Abuyhia

Head of production : Kareem Gaber

1st AD : Yosra Kilany

Production Sound Mixer : Ziad Ezzat

Story/Written by : Henry Winchester, Christine Kamal, Hagar Solemy, IZ Svemira

Animation : Nawras Ryhan, Jimmy Vincent

Rotoscoping : Mohamed Nazih

Title design : Tarek Abdelkawi

Hairdresser : Mohamed Abdelwehab

Directed by/Compositing/Editing/3D : Karim Moussa

Produced by : Mozses


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