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Sustainable Masks

Today is World Health Day..

Because Human-Beings Are Supposed to be the Most Important Creatures on Earth, Z Cares!

This is Why she has Created Some #Washable #Reusable #Sustainable Masks to:

•Protect Herself & Protect Others

•Leave the Surgical Masks for Doctors and Patients who Need it the Most!

•Protect Earth from Polluting it with Disposable Unnecessary Products, Cause this is Where We ALL Live and it Reflects on Our Health!

Remember, The Virus is Temporary but Most Waste is Permanent...

The Masks are Handmade with Love

100% Cotton

Each Mask has a Hidden Pocket to Add Filters

DM ZedArtCorner if You'd like to Order Yours 😊

Stay Safe Everyone 💚🙏🏼


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