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Plasto Bagita

Hi! This is Plasto Bagita!

I'm a Statement Dress, Made Out of Single-Use Plastic Bags and Other Plastic Waste.

I was Created by Zi on GreenPeace Ship in Hurghada, during the Green Festival in October 2022 to Support Kefaya Plastic.

I Could Have Ended-Up Polluting the Land or the Sea, but i Turned-Out to Be an Artwork, a Voice for Awareness!

I'm Raising Funds to Plant Fruitful Trees All Over Cairo in Collaboration with #Shagrha and I'm Looking for Someone Who Appreciates me and that Will Keep me Preciously.

This is to Shed Light on the Over-Consumption of Single-Use Plastics, the Amount of Waste Created that Negatively Affects Our Lives and the Importance of Trees and Nature for Us to Live!

Also Shedding Light on the Destructive Effect that the Fashion Industry has on the Environment. A Big Issue that Not Many Know of!

Did You Know that Fast Fashion is also Known as Disposable Fashion?

It is One of the Most Polluting Industries in the world!

Fashion Production uses Huge Amounts of Water and Natural Resources.

It Pollutes Rivers and Creates Greenhouse Gas Emissions which are Responsible for Climate Change.

Adding to this, the Fashion Industry Creates Micro-Plastics!

Which are Toxic Particles, that Not Only Affect the Environment, but Also Affect Human Health and Can End Up in Our Food!

What are You Waiting for to Take Action?

We All Deserve to Live in a Cleaner and Healthier Environment.

And Guess What!

Every Single Effort Counts!

It's about Time to Be More Conscious about Our Consumption and Only Buy What We Really Need!

We Can Also Find Alternatives to Many Disposable Products..

Let's Make a Difference..

"Together We Can Make The World a Better Place!"

Thanks for Caring 🤍

Follow ZedArtCorner & KefayaPlastic for Inspiration & Support.


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