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ZxBlackDuck "Recycling Plastic Waste"

After the Great Success of Kefaya Plastic Campaign..

Z has Collaborated with BlackDuckDesigns and Created Pins Out of Plastic Waste to Reduce Plastic Pollution and Support #KefayaPlastic

Each Pin Contains Around 20 Layers of Unwanted Plastic Bags & Packaging!

Every Contribution is Making a Difference..

•it Helps Raising Awareness about the Negative Impact of Single-Use Plastic on Our Lives..

•it Prevents a Big Number of Plastic Waste from Ending up Polluting Landfill, Rivers and Seas.

•it Saves Animals that Suffocate when Swallowing Plastics.

"So Proud of What We Did and Extremely Happy with the Positive Feedback!!

Really Grateful for this Collaboration! Was Such a Great Experience! 💚🙏🏼" Z

Click Here if You're Curious to Know How We Did it!!


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